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This reply from the General Secretary talked about the roots of running a good business. The front page of the People's Daily reported that Tasly's innovation, creativity, refinement, strength, and focus on moving forward.

Release time: 2019-08-18 08:57
Source: People's Daily
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Zhongnanhai is connected to the grass-roots level, and the people's leaders and people are intimate.

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly written letters to grassroots cadres and the masses. From poverty alleviation to voluntary service; from university campuses to private enterprises; from the frontiers of the motherland to innovation front lines ... A reply letter, full of affection, warmth and inspiring progress, embodies the feelings of the people, He is thinking deeply about governing the country and expressing his ardent hope for the new era of endeavor.

The People's Daily has launched a series of reports "Remember to ask to run and chase dreams-after receiving a reply from the General Secretary" to witness the development and changes, and realize the original mission with you. The private entrepreneurs who were commended in the action of "10,000 Enterprises Helping Ten Villages" published today: Innovative and creative with no heart in mind, running the company well.

"The reply of the General Secretary is a timely rain and a peace of mind for us private enterprises, and it all speaks to our hearts." Xiao Anjiang, chairman of the board of directors of Hunan Wujiang Light Chemical Group, still clearly remembers that on television When watching the news of General Secretary Xi Jinping's reply, a warm current came to mind.

On October 20, 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote a letter to the private entrepreneurs praised during the “Million Enterprises to Help Million Villages” operation, encouraging them to “innovate and create without fear, to do a good job in running the business, and to work together to create a better tomorrow for the private economy ". After the reply from General Secretary Xi Jinping, the majority of private entrepreneurs are more motivated and more motivated.

"Run the company as required by the General Secretary"

"In the reply, the General Secretary particularly emphasized the importance of running a private enterprise. We will run the company according to the requirements of the General Secretary, focus on the main business, and specialize." In Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, director of Hengtong Group The chairman of the bureau, Cui Genliang, told reporters that the optical fiber produced by the group every day can now make more than 4 turns around the earth. The reporter visited the production workshop and was asked to see it only in the corridor. Cui Genliang said: "This is our core place at present, and represents the top level of global light stick manufacturing."

After more than 8 years of research and development, and successively invested 600 million yuan in a new generation of "chlorine-free" green light sticks, it was mass-produced in the Hengtong Group in October last year, which solved the hidden problems of environmental pollution caused by the universal chlorine process production line. There are not many companies with this technology in the world.

"For companies to develop healthily, they must do something and do nothing. We also have experience in making quick money, but in the end we still resist the temptation to take shortcuts. Without the leading industries and flagship products, where is the root of the enterprise? "Cui Genliang said that Hengtong Group's transition from cable manufacturing to optical communications manufacturing, from fiber drawing technology to the manufacture of core raw material light rods, fully confirms the" innovation without heart "required by General Secretary Xi Jinping, which is a road to self-improvement. Bright road. Last year, the new generation of light sticks accounted for more than 25% of the domestic market, with total revenue of 101.9 billion yuan.

Yan Xijun, chairman of Tasly Holding Group's board of directors, concentrated more than 20 years of concentration in a pill smaller than mung beans. This small pill called "Fufang Danshen Diwan" carries the "traditional gene" of traditional Chinese medicine, but under the new model of modern production, it has given birth to a pharmaceutical giant with sales of tens of billions of yuan.

Yan Xijun admits that Fufang Danshen Diwan has a lot of difficulties in entering the international market, but he never regrets it. "It is precisely aimed at modernization and internationalization that we know more about the strengths and weaknesses of Chinese medicine."

With a clearer mechanism of action, a more accurate composition, and a more stable quality control, Tasly has no intent on this, and has potential research. "Private enterprises have to go through a process from small to large, from weak to strong. If you don't concentrate on doing a good job, how to grow bigger and stronger?" Yan Xijun said. Today, about 2.5 million people use Fufang Danshen Diwan to treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases with an annual sales of more than 4 billion yuan.

Cui Genliang (second from left) communicated with technicians in Hengtong light rod production workshop. Photo by Yu Xianyun

"Speaking of the roots of running a good business"

"Three months after the General Secretary wrote back, our project has started. Now we need to take advantage of the good weather and plan to start production in September this year." Xiao Anjiang is now more vigorous, "On the first day I got my business license, I also Is the beginning of innovation. "

Tower cranes stand and transportation vehicles shuttle back and forth. Hunan Wujiang Light Chemical Group's second-phase construction site of the photosensitive dry film new material project is in full swing.

The Group entered from the humble thermos bottle market and achieved global sales, with an annual output of nearly 200 million. Xiao Anjiang was not satisfied. "Economic development is moving towards high quality, the market is changing, and demand is changing. Enterprises must pinpoint future growth points." He aimed at the key material on circuit boards for making circuit patterns, photosensitive dry films. Although most of the technology is in the hands of foreign companies, Xiao Anjiang is not discouraged and does not give up. He worships everywhere, "borrows his brain" in all directions, and "sharpens his sword" for ten years, and finally overcomes the difficulties. The first phase of the project was put into production, with an annual output value of 800 million yuan.

"Without the innovation of the whole industry chain model at that time, there will be no healthy development of Feihe today." Leng Youbin, Chairman of Heilongjiang Feihe Dairy Co., Ltd., responded to General Secretary Xi Jinping's request for "innovation without heart".

In the era of the rapid development of the domestic dairy industry, Feihe Dairy has controllable processes from source grass cultivation, large-scale dairy farming, production and processing, and after-sales service to create an exclusive industrial cluster and strive to secure every link of quality and safety. Leng Youbin said: "Take the case of selecting cows, 6 times to pick cattle abroad, 5 times to Australia, 1 time to Uruguay, and walked more than 1,000 ranches, looking at each other, touching each other, and selecting enough. More than 2,000. "

At the end of last year, Feihe Dairy joined hands with the China National Institute of Standardization to formulate a Feihe fresh milk powder standard system with "fresh raw milk as a powder" as its core.

"Foreigners often only see the glorious sales of Fufang Danshen Diwan over 4 billion yuan, and rarely see the hardship of innovation and creation behind it." Yan Xijun said that the main business can only be made by innovation.

"The general secretary's earnest encouragement talked about the roots of running a good business." Many years ago, in order to solve the problem of "stick neck" of imported light sticks, Cui Genliang had invested heavily in research and development. Right now, they are taking the lead in the innovation of a new generation of green light sticks.

Good policy environment and full business confidence

Xiao Anjiang never thought that just 11 days after receiving the reply, General Secretary Xi Jinping personally presided over a private enterprise seminar and delivered an important speech, once again releasing a strong signal to encourage, support and guide the development of the non-public ownership economy.

Shortly after that, the Hunan Provincial Party Committee held an economic work conference. Xiao Anjiang was invited to participate for the first time and was arranged to sit in the middle of the conference with other entrepreneur representatives. The former deputy to the National People's Congress confessed that he had seen a lot of big scenes, but it was the first time to enjoy such treatment.

The policy environment is good, and the business is confident. From the central to the local level, policies that support the private economy favor intensive release. Private entrepreneurs are both uplifted and clear-headed: In his reply, the General Secretary hoped that we “seize the trend of the times and firmly develop confidence”. This is a problem that cannot be ignored or evaded by every enterprise.

Cui Genliang has long focused on globalization. The Hengtong Group has been going global for 18 years, and 10 overseas R & D industrial bases have been built, and the pace is still increasing. With the completion of the Chile project on November 26 last year, the total length of submarine optical cables delivered by Hengtong has exceeded 10,000 kilometers. "With the rapid development of cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and big data, global submarine optical cable construction will usher in a new peak." Cui Genliang judged.

Despite facing many difficulties, Yan Xijun has never wavered in the confidence that Chinese medicine will go global. The 66-year-old entrepreneur has always maintained a high degree of sensitivity to a new global technological revolution. "Every day, millions of users are using our products. Can they use digital platforms to provide them with more accurate services? "Tasly today has begun its transformation into a technology-based and smart service-oriented enterprise.

Xiao Anjiang, who started from light industrial products, always pays attention to the latest trends of the industry. In the Loudi Economic Development Zone of Hunan, a new titanium civilian product production line of Wujiang Light Chemical Group is stepping up. Many years ago, the group started the whole industrial chain layout from titanium ore to titanium processing. Xiao Anjiang regarded it as a new venture: "Compared with stainless steel, new titanium alloy materials have high strength, good corrosion resistance and high heat resistance. I am confident to rebuild a world-class titanium industry company. "

Source: People's Daily (1st edition, August 18, 2019), reporter: Yan Ke, Wang Weijian, Hou Linliang, Fangyuan. The original title "Private Entrepreneurs Recognized in the Action of" 10,000 Enterprises Helping Ten Villages ": Innovative and Creative with No Mind, Running a Firm Enterprise

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