About Tasly

Tasly Holding Group is based on the big health industry, takes the lead of comprehensive internationalization, takes the big biomedicine industry as the core, and takes the health care industry and medical rehabilitation, health care, and health management services as the two wings to form a double wheel of industry and capital. Driven hi-tech enterprise group.

In 1994, Tasly was founded in the 254th Hospital of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. It began with the industrialization of high-tech achievements in modern Chinese medicine and embarked on the road of innovation and development. In the course of entrepreneurial innovation, we have always adhered to the corporate philosophy of “pursuing the unity of heaven and man and improving the quality of life” and the business vision of “creating health and sharing for all”, and gradually formed a “pass” philosophy and inherited it. The corporate culture with innovation as the soul has built a new model of leapfrog sustainable development of the big health industry.

Tasly established its foundation with modern Chinese medicine, pioneered the new concept of "modern Chinese medicine", transformed the traditional Chinese medicine industry with high-tech innovation, and pushed the traditional Chinese medicine industry into a new era of new industrialization and intelligent manufacturing. Extraction and preparation production lines that have achieved international standard certification have been established, all of which have achieved informatization, intelligence, visualization, and online controllability. The first modern dosage form of micropill, created high-speed micropill pharmaceutical equipment and independent technology system, and realized the innovative technological revolution of modern intelligent manufacturing of traditional Chinese medicine.

Create a traditional Chinese medicinal materials trading market centered on Anguo's digital Chinese medicine public comprehensive service platform, and form a “three-in-one” public service platform based on digital herbal medicine third-party Chinese medicinal material testing, quality traceability system, and electronic transactions to create the world's leading Chinese medicine resources The ecological industrial chain gradually realizes the strategic dream of “stand up to the sky”, making modern Chinese medicine one of the world's three major medical systems that rivals chemical medicine and biological medicine.

Tasly expands into specialty chemical drugs and high-end biopharmaceutical industry on the basis of modernizing and strengthening traditional Chinese medicine. Chemical drugs are mainly based on the characteristics of “imitation and innovation”, forming large products and varieties with differentiated competitive advantages. They are mainly used to treat gliomas, such as “Te Qing” and “Wen Fei” to help sleep. Products have become well-known products in the market. Biopharmaceutical builds a biopharmaceutical platform that resonates with the international frequency, and has developed the only new type of thrombolytic biologic drug approved during the "11th Five-Year Plan" period-Puyouke, which has become the first-line thrombolytic drug for clinical treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases .

Layout solutions around human disease spectrum, build a stem cell regenerative medicine platform, prospectively lay out a cardio-cerebral-vascular disease track, establish a comprehensive integrated medical system, set sail for a new health management model, and strive to create more and better treatment technologies and products To benefit millions of households.

Tasly adheres to the development strategy of comprehensive internationalization, and has gone through a difficult process of "finding the road", "exploring the road" and "building the road". The modern Chinese medicine compound Danshen dripping pills became the first compound Chinese medicine preparation in the world to successfully complete the US FDA international multi-center randomized double-blind, large-sample three-phase clinical trial. The international modern medical evaluation system has once again proved the scientific formula of modern Chinese medicine The characteristics, clarity of mechanism, safety and effectiveness, and quality controllability have opened up new methods and new paths for the internationalization of Chinese medicine to the world. It is a landmark achievement of the modernization and internationalization of Chinese medicine in China, and it is a landmark.

Tasly adheres to the development orientation of “advocates of great health concepts, creators of great health products, designers of great health management solutions, practitioners of great health culture”, and has now formed a modern liquor industry system under the brand of “National Taiwan”; Biological Pu'er tea and healthy drinking water industry system under the brand "Diboer"; a health product and daily chemical industry system under the brand of "Jinshili" has been formed to realize "into the community, into the family, into the kitchen, and on the dining table" "The service tenet is to use technology to create a healthy and beautiful life.

Tasly builds a smart medical system with specialized characteristics, focusing on rehabilitation medical care, and combining traditional Chinese and western medicine as the starting point, with wearable device data interpretation and light consultation services as the path. Build a "big health home" health base across the country, and build a one-stop smart health management service platform.

Tasly takes pre-school education as the starting point, bases on high-end and high-quality, implements innovation of preschool education model, and builds modernization, intelligence, three-dimensionality, spatialization, combination of reality and reality, education and fun based on "excellent education, camp education, health education". Interactive education service platform at home and abroad and online and offline.

Tasly adheres to the development concept of "industry-oriented, finance as a tool, and industry-financial interaction". Through the "industry + capital + strategic value-added" investment model, it focuses on capital investments and knowledge-based investments in large health industries; it uses equity as a link to build The large health asset portfolio has built Tasly Capital into an asset management platform that is widely respected by consumers, knowers, entrepreneurs and investors in the large health industry, and has initially formed a pattern of coordinated development of industry and capital.

In the future, Tasly is committed to integrating corporate development strategies and innovation achievements into national strategies and national strengths, adhering to the core values of "people-oriented, integrity and integrity, the integrity of heaven and man, and the path to great health" to build a new era. A new model for the development of the health industry, creating a new height of the humanistic spirit of modern enterprises, keeping in mind the original intentions, striving forward, and gaining world respect for Chinese brands.