Cultural overview

Tasly has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of “pursuing the unity of heaven and man and improving the quality of life” in the process from entrepreneurship to continuous development. It has established a business vision of “creating health and sharing for all” and formed a “people-oriented, honest and accessible” The core values of "Integrating Humanity with Nature and Practicing Great Health". These contents have become Tasly's innovative genes, which has enabled Tasly's career development and human environment to continue to be optimized, and its cultural connotation has become richer, which has laid the foundation for Tasly's distinctive corporate culture.
With the continuous expansion of Tasly from innovative modern Chinese medicine to the large health industry, the continuous expansion of its business field, and the growing workforce, Comrade Yan Xijun, the founder of Tasly, the party secretary of the holding group and the chairman of the board of directors, is constantly summarizing the foundation of the group's cultural system. In the past, from the treasure trove of the Chinese nation ’s traditional culture, the concept of “tong” was deeply excavated, and innovative theoretical sublimation and ideological refining were carried out to establish the philosophy of “Tongli”, which has led the value orientation, cultural shaping, and collectiveness of Tasili The guidance of personality spirit pushes the construction of Tasly's characteristic corporate culture to a new stage of systematic and theoretical construction.
The philosophical thought of "communication" has provided strong ideological guidance for accelerating the comprehensive internationalization of Tasly and the long-term development of the large health industry. "Tong" philosophy is reflected in all aspects of Tasly's material product creation, technological empowerment, and humanistic spirit.

Introduction to Culture